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CLEON is a German publishing house specialising in children’s and young adult books in the adventure/fantasy genre. Thanks to the “Das Unkrautland / Nettlewooz” brand, CLEON has become one of the most successful newcomers to the publishing arena in recent years. Its ever-growing fan-base loves the fictional roller-coaster ride and the atmospheric graphics which complement “Nettlewooz” so well. Moreover, collaboration with big names in the game and film industries has increased awareness of the brand. The following pages will give you some information about our new releases and most popular titles as well as providing sample translations.


News 09/2023
Vol. 5 of the "Unkrautland" (engl. Nettlewooz) book series has been finished!

... and will be available December 2023 (in German language only).

News 05/2023
Nettlewooz Picturebook

The entire artwork of Nettlewooz is now available as a colourful picturebook. A preview can be found HERE.

News 08/2022
Nettlewooz Trailer

Watch the Nettlewooz-Trailer HERE.

News 04/2022
Nettlewooz - Summary

What is it all about? Find the answers HERE

News 11/2020
"Nettlewooz" - "Das Unkrautland" in English

Helena Kirkby, the wonderful translator of Cornelia Funke's "Ghosthunters" book series has just finished translating "Das Unkrautland" from German into English language. In GB and the USA, the new title is "Nettlewooz - Fragments of the Moon" and will be available November 16th, 2020.

News 11/2019

The hardcovers of "Unkrautland - Vol. 2: The Secret of the Black Lodge" and "Unkrautland - Vol. 3: Peaks of Sulphur Pinnacles" are going to be reprinted. Both novels will be available in bookstores December 10th, 2019.

News 09/2019
Junior TV award "Lesetipp"

Our new novel "Die Geisterlinde" has been recommended by Junior-TV and received the award "Lesetipp".

News 08/2019
Second printrun of Spanish edition "Das Unkrautland"

In South America, the number of fans of "Das Unkrautland" is increasing. The Spanish edition "El Pais de la Maleza" is now available in its second printrun.

News 12/2018
All the novels now available as e-books

... at Amazon, at Thalia  and in many other stores.

News 11/2018
On the cover!

A true milestone! The new book "Die Geisterlinde" decorates the recent cover of the KinoNews magazine. In addition to that you'll find a great article, lots of pictures and information about the mysterious and wonderful story.

News 09/2018
Die Geisterlinde - Vol. 1: Distant Islands, now available

There is a new saga ... with a new title, new secrets and lots of old fellows. More HERE.

News 08/2018
Das Unkrautland in Spanish language

The bizarre spooky world has reached South America. The first volume of the saga holds the Spanish title “El Pais de la Maleza - En busca del hada de la niebla” and it is being published by Panamericana.

News 12/2017
KIDDINX publishes e-book “Anuras Pforte”

Unkrautland's picture book "Anuras Pforte" is now available as an e-book. Publisher is KIDDINX, the home of Bibi Blocksberg and Benjamin Blümchen.

News 01/2016
CLEON celebrates 10th birthday

Success means to realize dreams.
Books, jigsaw-puzzles, board games and a world full of riddles and secrets: within the last ten years, Unkrautland developed continuously. We want to express our gratitude to our partners and of course to our readers for their constant support. Without you this dream would not have been possible.

News 11/2014
Cooperation with Kinopolis-Group

Starting from Nov. 13th you will find Unkrautland products besides Lego building sets and Disney DVDs in the display cabinets of German mega cinemas. These items are bonus articles for frequent moviegoers. Our advice for the ones of you who do not own a Cine Card .... start collecting bonus points now!

News 11/2014
Licence granted for Spanish translation in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Latin America

Panamericana Publishing purchased the licence for the Spanish edition of the saga of "Das Unkrautland". Distribution is planned for the U.S., Puerto Rico and Latin America.

News 10/2014
Unkrautland Riddle

On Oct. 31st, it will happen again. Just in time for Halloween, we invite all our fans and fans-to-be to participate in the new prize draw which features a tricky riddle that needs to be solved. What you can win: a limited number of Unkrautland artprints, framed and signed by the author and artist Stefan Seitz. Wishing you best of luck and much fun!

News 05/2014
Foreign rights sold to Latvia

With the Latvian edition of "Das Unkrautland" ("Nezalu Valstiba") the first foreign copy was released by JUMAVA publishing. The book comes as a softcover version and comprises 272 pages.

News 11/2013
Prize draw at McDonald's

In cooperation with McDonald's Inc. an Unkrautland prize draw was brought to life, which will be displayed in all participating restaurants starting November 25th, 2013. Carlsen Publishing takes part as a sponsor and provides 66 copies of the softcover edition of "Das Unkrautland - Vol. 1". Thanks to all for the great support.

News 09/2013
Unkrautland board game in production

Comb through the Gloomyforest and be the first to discover the stolen goods. Charming graphics and a crisp concept are promising a lot of fun. The release of the game will be in 12/2013.

News 06/2013
Sponsorship for Ronald McDonald House Charities

Cleon, the publisher of "Das Unkrautland", donates 500 copies of Vol. 1 to Ronald McDonald House Charities. We wish the kids a fast recovery, all the best and much fun with the books.

News 05/2013
TV-Report “Unkrautland” at KIKA

On May 5th, a wonderful TV-report of "Das Unkrautland", initialized by RBB and KIKA, has been broadcasted. The program was acutely nice arranged and we give our thanks and compliments to the editorial staff. For the ones who have missed it: next date will be Nov 3rd, 1.10 p.m.

News 03/2013
Unkrautland Action Figures

Provided with fine details and a hight up to 6,5 inches the first series of Unkrautland Action Figures have been manufactured of polyamide plastic. Each character is finished with a grounding and offers to be easily painted with usual modeling colours. All the figures are preproduction models and not available commercially.

News 11/2012
Picture book "Anuras Pforte" available now

The mystery proceeds… For the first time – following three “Unkrautland” novels -  with "Anuras Pforte" (engl. "Anura's Gate") we present a picture book containing a very special short story in combination with wonderful and detailed graphic artwork.

News 09/2012
Jigsaw Puzzles by Schmidt Spiele

Six of the very much liked Unkrautland graphics are now placed on jigsaw puzzles published by the German company Schmidt Spiele. As well as the books also the puzzles hold a riddle which can only be solved with much alertness.

News 12/2011
Unkrautland at McDonald’s

The new Unkrautland prize competition is placed on McDonald's tablesets in restaurants in Southern Germany. We say 'Merry Christmas' to all guests and of course ... enjoy your meal!

News 11/2011
Vol. 3 of the Unkrautland book series available now!

Finally! We are happy to present Vol. 3 of the mysterious saga " Das Unkrautland". Will Primus and Plim be able to solve the secret of former ages and will they master the adversities they have to face in the ice-cold mountain regions? Surely, it will be another thrilling adventure! Unkrautland Vol. 3 is available now.

News 07/2011
Jigsaw-Puzzle-Sets available autumn 2012 at Schmidt Spiele

Very soon there will big-size jigsaw puzzlesets showing 6 of the well beloved Unkrautland graphics. Each box will also include a booklet containing a tricky riddle. The German manufacturer Schmidt Spiele buys the rights for board games and puzzles and plans a first launch of 3 puzzle boxes for September 2012.

News 04/2011
CARLSEN publishing buys softcover license for Unkrautland Vol. 1

With CARLSEN Publishing we could convince and win one of the biggest German publishing houses. The release of the softcover version of Unkrautland Vol. 1 will be in March 2013. The hardcovers will still be published and distributed by CLEON.

News 05/2011
Unkrautland Vol. 3 – with iIlustrations

Due to numerous letters and inquiries, Vol. 3 of the Unkrautland saga "Peaks of Sulphur Pinnacles" now includes black-and-white line drawings.

News 01/2011
Unkrautland – also available at Koenemann's

Starting January 2011, Unkrautland books are also available at Koenemann’s – as well as at the other leading book wholesalers KNV, Libri and Umbreit. Our books are in stock and overnight deliverable.

News 11/2010
Kino News – the big Unkrautland riddle

Starting Nov. 1st, McDonald's KinoNews posters will announce the amazing Unkrautland riddle 2010. A spooky story is combined with 6 magical images - the task is to find the 7th image, which became lost. This riddle will definitely rack your brain...

News 10/2010
Frankfurt Book Fair 2010

As in 2009, once more CLEON Publishing will be present at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. Everyone who is interested to take a look behind the scenes, is cordially invited to visit us in Hall 3, Booth H337, October 6th – 10th.

News 08/2010
Unkrautland Vol. 1 has been translated

The English version of Vol. 1 – Traces of the White Faerie does exist. If there will be a cooperation with an English or American Publishing House has not been decided yet.

News 10/2009
Vol. 2 of "Das Unkrautland" available now

Eventually, the saga continues. As of now, Vol. 2 with the title "The Secret of the Black Lodge" is available online and in all bookstores near you (in German language only).

News 7/2009
CLEON founds subsidiary company CLEON Studios

The constantly increasing needs for graphic works in the realm of 3D and animation leads to the foundation of CLEON Studios. Atmospheric illustrations for CLEON publications as well as computer visualizations and photorealistic works for architects and developers are likewise created by CLEON Studios.

News 08/2008
New office space

CLEON moves from Baden-Württemberg to Bavaria. Bigger office spaces in a central location of Rosenheim  offer a charming  working environment. Please note the address change in our imprint.